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Tools for Renewal

It takes courage to ask for help. Whether you are looking for another objective, a different perspective, assistance working through difficult situations, or working through trauma history, I am here to help. I offer many methods to assist you on your journey to renewal.

I counsel people ages 18 and up experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, grief, relational issues, mood disorders, addictions, long-term illness, phase of life problems, and having experienced trauma or abuse. 

How Counseling Helps

Sometimes it helps to have another set of eyes look into our lives and help us form a different perspective. I have found that having someone to walk with you through life's issues, from a non-judgmental position can be a positive life-changing experience and have tangible benefits. It is helpful to have someone who is willing to talk with you confidentially about the "elephant in the room," as well as process your thoughts and emotions about anything life throws your way.

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